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This is where I share,

the truest parts of myself,

and what I think I know,

with you.

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That Ray of Light

Something stirs deep within me.

Not a crashing wave,

but a ripping undertow,

that pulls me toward the black depths of the ocean.

I'm searching,

from the floor of the abyssal plain,

with the weight of the sea on my shoulders,

and marine snow between my toes,

for that ray of light,

we all seek.

I'm scared, but invigorated,

alone, but connected,

lost, but at peace.

Featured Story

The Young Man and the Sea (Leg 4)

July 25th, 2021 · Nonfiction | Travel

I slipped my feet into my running shoes and tied them with a double knot. Skutull knew what that meant—either he was going to be left home to guard the house or he was about to do something fun. He looked up at me with pitiful eyes and a wagging tail, hoping he could will the latter into fruition. To his relief, I opened the front door and signaled him out into the Oregon forest where we were greeted by a cloud of fir spores blowing from the trees. The scents of pine and melon danced up my nose...

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Tales of Twilight

 Fiction | Thriller | Short Story

Mortality is easy to neglect. Nature programs us to cope with the inevitability of our own death by burying it deep within the layers of our consciousness. Occasionally, a hand of the shadow breaks through, squeezing and twisting our minds, forcing us to take notice. We act. Then we forget, as the hand is pushed back down and buried under fresh soil.

Many people have searched for the meaning of life, but clarity only comes in those final moments, when we walk the dark path that we all must walk.

Lost in a Sea of Words


Writing is difficult. There's grammar, prose, dialog, and all the other literary elements you have to wrangle, but that's not the hardest part.

People read stories they relate to. If you want to write those stories, you have to be vulnerable, honest, and self-reflective to a degree that's both challenging to achieve, and uncomfortable to attempt.

This collection of stories is my journal as I venture down the path of an author.

Nomad Life

 Nonfiction | Travel

Sometimes the answer hides in plain sight, closer than you think to look. Other times, you have to venture far from home to find it.

This is my journey inspired not by a bucket-list, but a search for meaning.

This story is one told through my inner exploration, not rose-colored glasses or engineered photographs.

This is the reality of my nomadic life, as raw and honest as I can tell it.

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