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The Adult Stuff

Dec 5th, 2022

Chapter 5 of Wally and the Holiday Jailbreak

Wally turned the page of The Boxcar Children: Mystery Ranch and continued reading, “‘Boy, look at that car!’ said Benny, looking out the wa…window,” Wally stuttered, sounding out the word. “It was long and low. It was pa…pa…painted yellow and black. A man got out of the car. A goo… a goo-ard?”

Honey Sourdough Dinner Rolls

Nov 11th, 2022

Chapter 8 of Dishroom Blunders

There are few side dishes that are as comforting on a cold winter day as a soft, warm dinner roll. When made right, they're fluffy and a touch sweet on the inside with a thin, crispy shell.


Oct 6th, 2022

Chapter 21 of Nomad Life

Between March 1, 2021 and May 22, 2022, Shelby, Skutull, and I traveled to 26 states and 13 countries, a journey that covered 35,000 miles by car, train, plane, and boat. We crossed the Atlantic twice, once via air and another by the sea. The places we called home ranged from studio apartments in dense cities to farmhouses in the countryside, which were nestled amongst an array of deserts, beaches, mountains, forests, swamps, and pastures.

Colorful Colorado

Oct 5th, 2022

Chapter 20 of Nomad Life

Throughout our entire nomadic journey starting in March 2021, my favorite place to live was a toss up between New York City and Ljubljana. So when we found ourselves back in NYC at the end of our cruise, we decided to stay a night and explore our old haunts.