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The Mid-Atlantic Ridge

Sep 30th, 2022

Chapter 19 of Nomad Life

In May 2022, we took a seven-day transatlantic cruise from Southampton, England to New York City. This cruise is both the only remaining transatlantic crossing still in operation and the only way to transport a dog between North America and Europe without flying them.

Peach Thyme Pulled Pork

Sep 18th, 2022

Chapter 7 of Dishroom Blunders

I grew up in Colorado and nothing feels like the impending transition from summer to autumn more than the height peach season. My wife and I typically buy peaches by the box to freeze, can, jam, and put on almost every meal we eat.

Smoked Wings

Sep 5th, 2022

Chapter 6 of Dishroom Blunders

When the days are hot and sunny here in Colorado during the summer, I try to use our grill every day to get some extra time outside. While I enjoy slow smoking ribs or a pork butt, my most successful meat smoking to date has been chicken wings.

The Outer Hebrides

Aug 25th, 2022

Chapter 18 of Nomad Life

We began our adventure in Scotland by hopping between islands in the western isles. Some of the passages took only twenty minutes and were operated by a small boat with space for half a dozen cars, while others lasted several hours and felt like cruise ships featuring restaurants and casinos.