Dishroom Blunders


ack when I was a recent college graduate, the startup I worked for was acquired by a company in the UK and I ended up flying to London for work once per quarter. I worked in the office during the days, but at night and on the weekend I had time to explore the city. One of my favorite discoveries was an Indian eatery called Dishoom. My boss took me and a few coworkers there for dinner one night and I instantly fell in love.

The unfortunate part of the story is that I initially misread the name of the restaurant as "Dishroom" instead of "Dishoom." For an entire two-week business trip, I told everyone at our office about my new favorite food at "Dishroom," and the Brits—being polite as they are—never corrected me. I must have said it incorrectly to half the office. It wasn't until I went back home and showed my wife their website that she corrected my pronunciation.

In this collection of recipes, I attempt to perfect my favorite dishes, many of which I've encountered traveling. In honor of my favorite London eatery and the blunder I made out of its name, I'm calling it "Dishroom Blunders."

Tomato Tea - Eleven Madison Park

Aug 14th, 2021

Chapter 1 of Dishroom Blunders

I'm adventurous, but I’m not the type of person that needs to try everything.Cat cafe in Japan? I’m good (not a cat person, sorry). Run for public office? No thanks. Stag night in the red light district? That literally sounds like a living hell. But there are...

Carrettiera - Wagon Driver's Pasta

Mar 28th, 2022

Chapter 2 of Dishroom Blunders

When most people travel in search of good Italian food, they logically head to Rome, Naples, or Tuscany. To be clear, there is obviously a plethora of amazing Italian food to be enjoyed in Italy, but I was surprised to discover high-quality, Italian-inspired cuisine in Slovenia, a small country of former Yugoslavia that borders Italy, Austria, Croatia, Hungary, and a sliver of the Adriatic sea.

Norwegian Waffles

Nov 13th, 2018

Chapter 3 of Dishroom Blunders

Back when Shelby and I were in college at CU Boulder we'd occassionaly go over to a family friend’s house for brunch. One of their specialties were hearty Norwegian-style waffles served with berrys and whipped cream. When we were craving these waffles we’d invite ourselves over for breakfast.

Game Day Baked Beans

Nov 18th, 2018

Chapter 4 of Dishroom Blunders

Baked beans are perfect on cool autumn day and pair well with almost any meat or gameday food. I think baked beans are an amazing side dish because they act as a bridge between meat and vegetables. You can scoop up some baked beans along with anything else on your tailgate plate and they will taste amazing. They also keep well and leftovers can be added to eggs in the morning.

Neapolitan Margherita Pizza with Sourdough Crust

Jul 5th, 2020

Chapter 5 of Dishroom Blunders

In my humble opinion, there are few foods better than pizza. You can put almost anything on it to adapt it to different seasons, flavor profiles, and fusions. It also tastes amazing. The satisfaction I derive from biting into a charred, chewy sourdough crust cooked in a piping hot oven is matched by few things in life (only kinda joking).

Smoked Wings

Sep 5th, 2022

Chapter 6 of Dishroom Blunders

When the days are hot and sunny here in Colorado during the summer, I try to use our grill every day to get some extra time outside. While I enjoy slow smoking ribs or a pork butt, my most successful meat smoking to date has been chicken wings.

Peach Thyme Pulled Pork

Sep 18th, 2022

Chapter 7 of Dishroom Blunders

I grew up in Colorado and nothing feels like the impending transition from summer to autumn more than the height peach season. My wife and I typically buy peaches by the box to freeze, can, jam, and put on almost every meal we eat.

Honey Sourdough Dinner Rolls

Nov 11th, 2022

Chapter 8 of Dishroom Blunders

There are few side dishes that are as comforting on a cold winter day as a soft, warm dinner roll. When made right, they're fluffy and a touch sweet on the inside with a thin, crispy shell.

Tomato Tea - Eleven Madison Park


'm adventurous, but I’m not the type of person that needs to try everything.Cat cafe in J...