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Five Fingers, Four

Chapter 3 of Tales of Twilight

Jessie’s forehead smashes into a beer-soaked wooden table, smearing damp cigar ash across his face. The bustling saloon instantly falls silent, like a jabbering coterie of prairie dogs upon a coyote’s howl. Batwing doors across the saloon creak open to reveal the outline of a round person, then pendulum back to stasis. A cane taps the floor behind each pair of steps as the figure advances. It’s the coyote...

Winter Truffles are Coming

Jan 16th, 2022

Chapter 14 of Nomad Life

Šibenik’s coastline was vast, the sea flowing through inlets and channels around dozens of tiny islands in the distance. Even from the 1000-year-old fort atop the hill in the old town, I was unsure if I could see open water on the horizon or if another layer of islands lay beyond...

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Don't Forget 1993

Dec 11th, 2021

Chapter 13 of Nomad Life

“Good luck,” the customs agent croaked, handing Shelby our passports through the car window. He had bushy, black eyebrows and a protruding chin. Skutull sat in the back, leaning his entire body against the seat. His eyes mindlessly tracked the customs agent without moving his head. He looked bored out of his mind...

If You Stare at the Stars, You'll Step in Shit

Dec 5th, 2021

Chapter 12 of Nomad Life

Rain fell from the night sky—more than a spittle, but less than a downpour—adding volume to the streams already flowing through the streets of Ljubljana. We stood under an awning at the train station, debating whether we should brave the 15-minute walk to our apartment or take a cab. I knew the city well and was confident I could route us...

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