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Carrettiera - Wagon Driver's Pasta

Mar 28th, 2022

Chapter 2 of Dishroom Blunders

When most people travel in search of good Italian food, they logically head to Rome, Naples, or Tuscany. To be clear, there is obviously a plethora of amazing Italian food to be enjoyed in Italy, but I was surprised to discover high-quality, Italian-inspired cuisine in Slovenia, a small country of former Yugoslavia that borders Italy, Austria, Croatia, Hungary, and a sliver of the Adriatic sea.

The Mind's Eye

Mar 17th, 2022

Chapter 4 of Tales of Twilight

Earl bends over and lifts each of Spot’s legs through the loops of his mobility harness, pushing the dog’s shaggy, black fur out of the way as the clips click into place. Spot turns toward the door and wags his tail. “Dad, you still do this every day by yourself?” Martin asks...

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Flaktürme Resonance

Feb 12th, 2022

Chapter 15 of Nomad Life

Clouds sculpted from beige stone billowed up the altarpiece toward the heavens as a bevy of <i>putti</i> and angels floated through the air and around a robed Saint Peter. Gold was not just present, but pervasive. Baroque designs framed columns, windows, and a pulpit overlooking the altar, all of which were ornamented with gilded sculptures, carvings, and stucco. A pyramid levitating high above Saint Peter emanated rays of gold, piercing the clouds of rock and reflecting flickering candlelight. Overhead, a fresco depicting Christ crowning The Virgin Mary as Queen of Heaven covered the interior of the church’s turreted dome...

Five Fingers, Four

Chapter 3 of Tales of Twilight

Jessie’s forehead smashes into a beer-soaked wooden table, smearing damp cigar ash across his face. The bustling saloon instantly falls silent, like a jabbering coterie of prairie dogs upon a coyote’s howl. Batwing doors across the saloon creak open to reveal the outline of a round person, then pendulum back to stasis. A cane taps the floor behind each pair of steps as the figure advances. It’s the coyote...

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