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Wally and the Holiday Jailbreak

Wally and the Holiday Jailbreak Book Cover

hat if you could gift someone the meaning of life? That is Wally Palmer’s hope this Christmas. Third grader Wally lives alone with his father, an ill professor struggling with depression and unable to summon much holiday spirit. When his father reveals that the source of his sadness is not knowing the meaning of life, Wally becomes determined to find it for him.

In this holiday comedy, Wally and his best friend, Sarah, embark on a quest to find the meaning of life over their school’s winter break. They’ll face Wally’s greatest fear, dogs; Sarah’s cunning little sister; and worst of all…cops.

Wally will do anything to see his father happy this Christmas, but will his determination be enough?

Content warning: While Wally and the Holiday Jailbreak is told through the eyes of a third grader, it is an adult comedy that includes mature content. Parental discretion is advised.

Tales of Twilight

Tales of Twilight Book Cover

ur lives are built from a cascade of transitions—childhood to adulthood, adulthood to parenthood, and parenthood to elderhood. We may transition between sickness and health, rich and poor, happy and sad. Each morning we rise with the sun and each evening the Earth’s rotation drags the sun back out of sight, ushering the end of another day and a time of rest. While each of our journeys differ, they all end at the same place: the moment when the light that powers our consciousness fades into darkness.

Tales of Twilight is a collection of five short stories that explore what it’s like to stand in this twilight between life and death. The settings range from fictional Tudor to Western to modern day, but the characters all have something in common—unresolved conflict that they finally confront.

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Nomad Life

Nomad Life Book Cover



omad Life" is an eclectic collection of armchair travel stories I wrote during the fifteen months me and my wife lived nomadically with our dog, Skutull.

Our winding route took us around the USA and Europe, covering 26 states and 13 countries. It was a journey inspired not by a bucket list, but by our desire to fully appreciate the ephemeral time in our lives when our dog was our kid.

When we first began traveling, I committed myself to documenting our experiences by writing a stream-of conscious journal entry for each place we lived. The style of the chapters varies significantly and blend into a compilation that’s part blog, part memoir, and part essay. At the request of family and friends who wanted to follow our journey, I began publishing my “travel diary” on my website a few months into our adventure.

None of the chapters were outlined, edited, or written with a specific motivation other than to record how I felt and what was on my mind as we were traveling. They were lightly proofread by my wife, but are intentionally imperfect and unpolished.

The Red Card


ally sat on a plastic chair hugging his backpack as Mrs. Brenda told Principal Anderson a...