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Upcoming Work


ere is a look at my upcoming work. Sometimes I find unexpected inspiration and deviate from my plans, but in general, this is what I'll spend my time writing in the near future.

  1. The War After War: I have a novel in the works tentatively titled, The War After War, that is a blend of historical fiction, thriller, and drama. I plan to publish the first several chapters on my website as soon as it is complete.
  2. Nomad Life: I live nomadically with my wife, Shelby, and dog, Skutull. We started our journey in the US but have been touring Europe since September 2021. I publish armchair travel stories about how our experiences are changing my outlook on the world and life. I do my best to remove the rose-colored Instagram goggles that are pervasive across social media and tell an honest account of what our nomadic life is like.
  3. Short Stories: I enjoy writing short stories and plan to publish a handful per year. I use short stories as a way to explore genres and ideas, so one email you might receive a thriller, the following a fantasy or sci-fi, and the next a historical fiction. Someday I might expand my best short stories into full novels.