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By Zack Thoutt

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Wally and the Holiday Jailbreak

Coming: Dec. 5, 2022
Wally Book Cover

hat if you could gift the meaning of life for Christmas? That is Wally Palmer’s hope this Christmas. Third grader Wally lives alone with his father, a man struggling with sadness, unable to summon much holiday spirit. When his father reveals the source of his sadness is not knowing the meaning of life, Wally becomes determined to find it for his father.

In this Holiday comedy, Wally and his best friend, Sarah, embark on an adventure over their school winter break to find the meaning of life. They’ll face Wally’s greatest fear, dogs, Sarah’s cunning little sister, and worst of all… cops.

Wally will do anything to see his father happy again, but his dream of living in a house with homemade waffles, blanket forts, and family dinners may remain just that – a dream. Will his determination be enough this Christmas?

This story is an adult comedy and may not be suitable for children.

Featured Chapters

Weathered Pearls

Chapter 1 of Tales of Twilight

Two young boys are home alone at their farm when a man collapses off of his horse outside their cottage. The boys care for the man as they try to figure out what's wrong with him, where he came from, and where he's going.


Jun 18th, 2022

Chapter 16 of Nomad Life

I entered a large sauna. There were three levels of deep steps you could choose to sit on. I wasn’t a sauna noob. I knew that the higher up you go, the hotter the air, so I plopped myself down on the middle stair and immediately started sweating from every pore on my body.

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Through Bone Like Butter

Chapter 2 of Tales of Twilight

A man with a rare memory condition struggles to stay sane on a day when his symptoms subside, but could come rushing back at any moment. Is this reprieve a blessing or a curse? Does his existence bring his wife happiness or pain? And most importantly, is the Devil in their home?

The Young Man and the Sea

Jul 25th, 2021

Chapter 5 of Nomad Life

I slipped my feet into my running shoes and tied them with a double knot. Skutull knew what that meant—either he was going to be left home to guard the house or he was about to do something fun. He looked up at me with pitiful eyes and a wagging tail, hoping he could will the latter into fruition. To his relief, I opened the front door and signaled him out into the Oregon forest where we were greeted by a cloud of fir spores blowing from the trees. The scents of pine and melon danced up my nose...

About the Author

Zack profile picture

ack Thoutt is the author of Wally and the Holiday Jailbreak, Tales of Twilight, and Nomad Life. He posts chapters of his books here on his website where he also runs a reader club and newsletter called The Storied Scrolls.

Zack graduated summa cum laude from The University of Colorado Boulder with an engineering degree in applied math. During the day, he is the technical CPO at AutoSalesVelocity, where they build enterprise software for the auto industry. When he joined the team in 2016, the business was service-based and run mostly out of Excel spreadsheets. Now they are a rapidly-growing, profitable SaaS company serving many of the largest Ford dealerships in the USA and the corporate entities of Mazda USA, Mazda Canada, and Mazda Mexico.

When Zack isn’t at his computer writing stories or software, he’s typically in the kitchen experimenting with new recipes, playing board games with friends, or traveling with his wife, Shelby, and their dog, Skutull.