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"Nonfiction" Chapters (2/4)

Ruth's Haus

Nov 7th, 2021

Chapter 10 of Nomad Life

I drank our remaining oat milk from the carton while looking out over the Main River in Frankfurt one last time. The sunrise was orange and already bikers were funneling onto the river path below. The main train station was a fifteen-minute drive from our apartment. We still had forty-five minutes until...

Why I Write

Nov 1st, 2021

Chapter 2 of Lost in a Sea of Words

One of my favorite quotes on writing is by Ernest Hemingway: “All you have to do is write one true sentence. Write the truest sentence that you know.” I struggled to pitch both my newsletter and my writing for almost a year. What you’re reading is easily the third or fourth iteration, if not the fifth or sixth.


Oct 16th, 2021

Chapter 9 of Nomad Life

We called a studio apartment in Frankfurt home for our first eight days abroad. It was a corner unit on the fifth floor of a ten-story building and looked out over the winding Main River in one direction and toward downtown Frankfurt’s skyscrapers in the other. Half-a-dozen stone bridges crossed the waterway, which I'm sure is small by global standards, but is larger than any river back in Colorado.


Oct 9th, 2021

Chapter 8 of Nomad Life

We arrived in Washington, DC on a Monday afternoon and were excited to see our home for the final month we’d spend in the US before departing for Europe. Shelby parked the car outside of our building as sunlight poured in through the windshield, heating the black leather and plastic interior. When I opened the door, the air was sticky with humidity and the skin of my upper lip and armpits started perspiring. The forecast called for a high in the upper nineties, but it felt hotter.

The Concrete Jungle

Sep 19th, 2021

Chapter 7 of Nomad Life

I’m not from a big city, or even a city at all for that matter. I’m from the whitest of white suburbia. I grew up about 10 miles outside of Boulder, Colorado, and to me, “the city” has always been Boulder, a college town with a population of ~105,000 full-time residents.

Tomato Tea - Eleven Madison Park

Aug 14th, 2021

Chapter 1 of Dishroom Blunders

I'm adventurous, but I’m not the type of person that needs to try everything.Cat cafe in Japan? I’m good (not a cat person, sorry). Run for public office? No thanks. Stag night in the red light district? That literally sounds like a living hell. But there are...