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Flaktürme Resonance

Feb 12th, 2022

Chapter 15 of Nomad Life

Clouds sculpted from beige stone billowed up the altarpiece toward the heavens as a bevy of <i>putti</i> and angels floated through the air and around a robed Saint Peter. Gold was not just present, but pervasive. Baroque designs framed columns, windows, and a pulpit overlooking the altar, all of which were ornamented with gilded sculptures, carvings, and stucco. A pyramid levitating high above Saint Peter emanated rays of gold, piercing the clouds of rock and reflecting flickering candlelight. Overhead, a fresco depicting Christ crowning The Virgin Mary as Queen of Heaven covered the interior of the church’s turreted dome...

Five Fingers, Four

Chapter 3 of Tales of Twilight

Jessie Bennett is a pathological liar, alcoholic, and gambling addict hellbent on accomplishing his late father's dream at any cost. When he gets mixed up with Wyatt, a wealthy and influential bar owner in Santa Fe, he's given the choice to either save his family or protect his father's dying secret.

Winter Truffles are Coming

Jan 16th, 2022

Chapter 14 of Nomad Life

Šibenik’s coastline was vast, the sea flowing through inlets and channels around dozens of tiny islands in the distance. Even from the 1000-year-old fort atop the hill in the old town, I was unsure if I could see open water on the horizon or if another layer of islands lay beyond...

Don't Forget 1993

Dec 11th, 2021

Chapter 13 of Nomad Life

“Good luck,” the customs agent croaked, handing Shelby our passports through the car window. He had bushy, black eyebrows and a protruding chin. Skutull sat in the back, leaning his entire body against the seat. His eyes mindlessly tracked the customs agent without moving his head. He looked bored out of his mind...